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Homeschooling: Requirements, Research,

and Who Does It


In the 1980s, home schooling was illegal in a majority of states­—and didn’t become lawful nationwide until 1993. But once seen as a fringe practice of families on the extreme right and left­—religious conservatives and hippies—homeschooling today is viewed as a small, but integral part of the education ecosystem in the United States and a pillar of the school choice movement.

Home schooling has gained wider attention and more-mainstream acceptance as the numbers of students learning at home doubled in the past decade—a trend driven in some measure by the expansion of online schooling options.


Home-School Success Stories...


Homeschoolers sometimes don’t get as much as credit as students who attend traditional schools do, but the truth is, their  education can prepare them to be just as competitive in college and in the real world. In fact, some pretty important people in business, entertainment, science, politics, and literature were home schooled at some point in their lives. Just check out this list of 10 of the most famous and successful people who were home-schooled...  READ MORE

Homeschooling vs. Online Education:

Which is Better for You?


As budgets tighten and the public education climate continues to change, many parents feel that their child’s education is out of their hands. Some even feel helpless to improve their student’s situation—whether they’re struggling, not challenged enough, have special needs or suffer from bullying.


Each year, more parents seek out alternative education options. In fact, the number of students who are homeschooled continues to increase. Many might think that alternative options are limited to homeschooling and private school; one demanding more time and expertise than some parents have and the other more money.  


Choosing a school? You’ve got options. 

Guide to School Choice in Florida

By: National School Choice Week Team

Florida is a national leader in providing parents a diverse array of school choices. So, if you’re a parent in Florida, you have access to more K-12 education options than you might realize. Knowing and navigating these options can help you find a school where your child’s personality, gifts, and academic strengths flourish. READ MORE

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