Become a Host Family

As the homeschool community continues to grow we are in need of families that are able and willing to host 1-3 homeschool students.  This is a way to help your family's income stream and help working families with their children's need for care.  

The family guardian (aka Learning Coach) of the host and hostee family will be required to undergo a background check.  

Interview will be arranged between both families to review details and expectations and to set the terms of the hosting agreement.

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How does this program work?

To become a Host Family an application must be completed by Family Guardian (aka Learning Coach).  A representative from B4G will contact applicant to review  all of the details on the application and any specifics for a future host agreement with Hostee.  There is a $75 Family Host application fee to cover the cost of background check and administrative cost to be setup on our site.  Once a hostee expresses interest in your services, we coordinate an interview between families and agree on terms of services.  B4G manages the financial transaction between Hostee and Host and receives a 10% service fee from each payment transaction to cover administrative fees.

Hostee family must also complete an application form and will be contacted by a representative.  A $75 application fee is charged to cover the background check and administrative cost.

For more details you may call us at 386-456-3250 or by email to