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Debra Minshew is the owner of B4G Academy. Debra Purchased the business from her friend Inez Nazario-Vega in October 2021. Inez founded B4G Academy in 2017 when she was faced with the challenge of a decaying public school system in which her 12 year old daughter at the time did not feel academically challenged and too distracted with traditional school peer pressure.


In search of a better educational option, Inez researched local charter schools and private schools. At the time, all nearby private schools were full with an extensive waiting list and were excessively above her personal budget to invest in her daughter’s education. With regards to charter schools, Inez faced a similar situation.

With the challenge of not finding an appropriate physical education system for her daughter, Inez researched into the virtual and homeschooling system. Inez and her daughter found this educational option very attractive. Six months into homeschooling, Inez’s daughter was thriving academically.

Also, many parents that Inez consulted with expressed a great interest in virtual and homeschool for their children, but unable to view it as an option because they are middle class working parents unable to leave their child(ren) alone at home to learn from the virtual school program.

With this in mind, B4G Academy was created. Creating a concept that closes the gap between traditional and virtual schools and providing an accessible option for parents with students that would like to explore and engage in a blended form of learning between traditional and virtual schools.

Debra was faced with the same issues as Inez when it came to her son's education.  At the age of 9, Debra's son was struggling with a learning disability. Even with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), her son began to feel like a failure and was becoming depressed.

At the time, Debra was a public school teacher. She made the decision to stay home and homeschool her son.

When B4G Academy was opened, Debra's son was one of the first homeschoolers to join. Debra was passionate about not only helping her son succeed so she volunteered her time to help other homeschool students.

When COVID-19 hit, the B4G Academy facility had to close. Debra is passionate about helping students, so she decided to purchase B4G Academy and hopes to reopen the facility.


B4G Academy provides parents and students an alternate school option that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

Our Mission

B4G Academy mission is to be an organization that promotes academic success.  Our goal is to encourage students to achieve their full potential without the distractions in today's public education system or the high cost of private schools.  We want to lead all students into a successful academic path at all stages of their education by fostering self-confidence, personal encouragement and a passion for learning.

Our Vision

We will accomplish our mission by ...

  • Facilitating a successful student's transition from Traditional to Homeschool or Virtual - Online learning program

  • Coaching students and parents how to create a productive Learning Environment

  • We foster and enhance students learning experience with opportunities to engage in Peer to Peer Learning Sessions

  • ​We teach Parents and Students how they can benefit from a Flexible School Schedule

  • ​Help students to efficiently Learn at Their Own Pace and in their own way

  • ​We provide Mentors and Learning Coaches to help students Achieve Academic Success

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