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This list is organized by Grade Levels from K-12

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Elementary Grades K-5th 

Debra Minshew Headshot.jpg

Debra Minshew

Grades K - 5th

Subjects:  ALL

Tutoring Experience: 10 years

Phone No.: 912-399-9874

Email: daminshew@gmail.com

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Ruth N. Rodriguez

Grade: k-5th
Subjects: All
Tutoring experience: 15+ years
Phone# 321.262.5876
Email: ruthy0731@gmail.com

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Middle School - 6th - 8th

Jamie Martens

Grades 6th - 8th

Subjects:  Language Arts

Tutoring Experience: 13 years

Phone No.: 402-990-9893

Email: martinsjamie@yahoo.com

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